Breakfast In A Bacone


This bacone recipe is a pretty neat way to serve breakfast all inside a bacon cone. Once you have the bacones made you fill with scrambled eggs, some cheese, hash browns and then pour in some country gravy and top with a biscuit. In order to be able to make the bacones you will need to make some cone shaped utensils for frying the bacon. Bacon Wikia shares the recipe and says that you use metal strainer and staple into a cone shape.

Breakfast In A Bacone

I think you could probably find some stainless steel mesh at a hardware store or aluminum screen replacement if you don’t have a problem using aluminum. Once the cones are made you wrap one in the bacon and then put the other cone over the bacon to hold it in place while you fry it. After you let it cool a little the bacon cone is removed from the metal cone and then you can fill it up with breakfast foods.

The recipe given us eggs and such but I think this would also be good with strips of french toast drizzled with syrup inside the bacone would be delicious too. If you made these while camping they would sure be a special treat for breakfast. Even at home on a Sunday morning these would be something fun for the kids. Give them a bacone and let them fill it themselves with provided items.


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