Breakfast Stuffed Baguettes


This is a recipe that be eaten all day long. You could choose to eat it for breakfast, lunch or even for dinner. You can use small baguettes and make individual stuffed bread boats or you could core out a long baguette and stuff it. I like the small ones because the bread is open on top and I think the edges would toast in the oven a little. You stuff them with eggs, cream and cubed cheese, bacon and spinach  and they look delicious. I think these would be perfect for lunch served with nice thick slices of tomato warm from the sunny garden and sprinkled with a little salt. La Receta De La Felicidad shares this recipe and I can’t wait to try making these on the weekend. Wish I had some of those warm tomatoes to go with it. Summer seems forever away. I think I will add some sun dried tomatoes to the baguettes and see how that goes.


Click here for recipe>>>  


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