UncategorizedHow to Breed FRESHWATER Crayfish for Food

How to Breed FRESHWATER Crayfish for Food

This simple tutorial of how to breed freshwater crayfish for food makes a multi prong approach to self sufficient food system on your homestead easier.

How to Breed FRESHWATER Crayfish for Food

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Commonly known as crayfish, freshwater lobsters are found in fresh running water like brooks, streams, rivers and in ponds. This is where they breed and gain shelter against predators.

If you are looking to breed lobsters for food, here are some of the things you require:

Female lobster

Male lobster

Freshwater aquarium

Follow the instructions below to get started.

Provide lobsters enough water in your freshwater aquarium (about 40-50 gallons per lobster). The ideal pH value should be between 6.5 and 8.0, while the temperature should not be less than 55 or more than 70 degrees. Ensure to provide them with plenty of rocks and plants.

Find your male and female freshwater lobster and place them in the aquarium.

Do not remove the male lobster from the female’s aquarium until after a mating process has been initiated and completed.

It takes about 21 days for the eggs in the female lobster to mature.

Ensure to differentiate the aquarium of newly born lobsters from the older ones because parent lobsters are generally known to be semi-aggressive in nature.

The fry (newly born lobsters) are very fragile especially when they shed their shell. So, you must avoid touching them.

Do not remove the shell after shedding. Leave it in the aquarium for them to eat. It serves as a rich source of calcium.

Liquefied foods, micro worms, freshly hatched brine shrimp or pellet foods can be used to feed them.

Click here to read the simple tutorial of how to breed freshwater crayfish for food :


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