Household TipsHow to Make Brown Sugar

How to Make Brown Sugar

I was wanting to make some kettle corn last evening and I reached for the brown sugar and it wasn’t there. Then I remembered we had the last on cooked barley last weekend. Well we really like our kettle corn made with dark brown sugar instead of white. I could have just run to the store but it is freezing cold and super windy here today and I really didn’t think kettle corn was a worthy enough reason to go freeze running to the store.
So I searched for a way to make my own brown sugar and sure enough you can do it.   Imagin Acres tells you how and has loads of pics to show you how awesome it turns out. No more paying the price for brown sugar. I will make my own using blackstrap molasses and reap the benefit of the iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium in it.

 Click here to read the recipe:

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