DIY ProjectsBuild a Bed Frame from Salvaged Free Wood Pallets

Build a Bed Frame from Salvaged Free Wood Pallets

This step by step tutorial that details how to build a bed frame from salvaged free wood pallets will inspire you to join the repurposing and recycling trend of building your own furniture. Homesteaders have a motto of “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without” which imparts the importance of learning how to frugally use what you have around you to fill a need while staying out of debt.

Build a Bed Frame from Salvaged Free Wood Pallets

When you are ready for a new bed, there are plenty of options one has to explore from buying one at a local furniture store where you could potentially spend quite a bit of money. For those that have a crafty nature and love do-it-yourself projects, you should consider making your own.

You have quite a bit of freedom when you make your own as well as saving yourself quite a bit of money in the end, which is always a great aspect for those sticking to their budgets.

With the making of your own bed, you have more options, including making one from wood pallets. Wood pallets are a easily found wood source for the people to put in the work to find them. You could make a beautiful bed frame with just a few tools and the correct number of wood pallets you need to make a bed from a twin to a king.

To make the bed that you can find detailed below, you will want to gather the number of pallets you need, some bolts to connect those pallets, and have a sander and other tools handy to complete the project. You might also consider the type of stain or color you want for your pallet bed along with a sealant to keep the color lasting for years to come. With a pallet bed, you’ll have a wonderful new bed for yourself or guests, bringing beauty to any room.

Are you a person that is willing to put a little hard work into creatively building a bed frame project you can be proud of ?

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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