Build ItBuild A Bench For Your Entry

Build A Bench For Your Entry

If you need a solution for shoes at the door, both for a place to put the shoes and somewhere to sit down to put them on you can build a bench for your entry. Here is a great tutorial for a simple bench you can sit on and shelves underneath to hold shoes.

Build A Bench For Your Entry

I love this because sometime if you are putting on winter boots especially you just need to sit down to do it. The Sustainable Couple share their tutorial and a bunch of pictures so that you can make this diy bench for our entry way as well. This could also work if your garage has a door into the house. The shoes could be left in the garage and out of the way.

I think I would like one of the benches at the bottom of my bed. It could hold slippers and shoes but also hold my duvet on nights it is a little too warm for it. This way I could just fold it and leave it on the bench instead of moving it back and forth from the linen closet. I can think of a lot of places around the house that this bench could come in handy and it looks fairly easy to make.


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