DIY ProjectsBuild a Bluegrass Homesteading Chicken Coop Project

Build a Bluegrass Homesteading Chicken Coop Project

This in depth tutorial of how to build a bluegrass homesteading chicken coop project is a very detailed plan for other homesteaders to build one for themselves. For those people who are looking to get into raising chickens in the backyard there are several things you should know. One of the first things you should plan for is an enclosure that will keep them safe from the neighborhood predators.

Build a Bluegrass Homesteading Chicken Coop Project

This enclosure should include a large enough coop to hold as many chickens as you plan on having and a run that is big enough for each one to be able to comfortably move around. The DIY Coop is large enough to handle roughly four chickens.

This Do It Yourself project was created and shared by a homesteader who recently completed construction of a backyard chicken coop. The tutorial is an easy to read and follow step by step plan of how they went about building it.

They included a bunch of photos of the different stages of the construction. The result of the perfect coop/run combination that turned out to be the perfect size for their four hens.

Benefits of reading and following Build a Bluegrass Homesteading Chicken Coop Project

● Use it to build the perfect backyard chicken coop/run combination

● The project described all of the materials and supplies that were used to build it

● It also describes the many different stages of the construction

● It also has numerous full color pictures of the some of the different stages of construction

Click here to read about how to Build a Bluegrass Homesteading Chicken Coop Project:

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Melissa Francis
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