DIY ProjectsBuild a Breakfast In Bed Wood Table DIY Project

Build a Breakfast In Bed Wood Table DIY Project

How to build a breakfast in bed wood table diy project is a frugal way to create a highly functional piece of furniture. You can use it to eat breakfast in bed, surf on laptop or set cup of tea and a book upon.

Build a Breakfast In Bed Wood Table DIY Project

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Would you love to build or customize your own bedside table using pallet planks? If yes is your answer, then know it is an excellent idea (after all, what’s a bedroom without a bedside table or cabinet?) A bedside table has many applications. It can serve as a cabinet where you can store your books, alarm clock, pictures, and other valuable items.

This is a DIY tutorial that will teach you how to make a bedside table (that will turn out fully adaptable to your bedroom space requirements) from pallets. It will show you ways to recycle pallet planks and turn them into a functional furniture piece at home. Furthermore, your bedside table can be customized to any design you desire. You can use your favorite color, or even keep the wood’s original color to give it a rustic look.






Tape Measure


Marking Instrument


Optional Tools:

Band saw

Jig saw

Miter saw


Detail Sander

Orbital Sander

This DIY project is easy to carry out. With a few carpenter tools pallets and minimal effort, this project will be concluded swiftly. In order to complete this project you will need the following tools and materials a pallet, screwdriver, wood glue, nails, screws, plywood measuring 4 or 6 mm, a hammer, lever, circular saw, hole saw, jigsaw and a sander.

Just follow the step by step guide below and at the end you see that the result is worth it.

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