Off GridBuild a Composting Toilet System with a Flush Toilet

Build a Composting Toilet System with a Flush Toilet

This look into how to build a composting toilet system with a flush toilet option is a great way to send blackwater (contaminated with urine and fecal matter) out into a leach field.

Build a Composting Toilet System with a Flush Toilet
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Joe Jenkins‘dry ‘humanure’ composting toilet system is very simple. It is very easy to construct and maintain. It is also portable and does not require separation of urine from feces. It is very useful and eco-friendly as it has an efficient thermophilic composting process with an output that is well balanced. Because of all these benefits and efficiencies, there is no need to ponder over why Jenkins’ toilets have also been termed as ‘Loveable Loos’.

I will be telling you how I can across the idea of building one myself and how I gathered all of the information needed to build this toilet. The complete process of this toilet has been explained for you to get a better understanding of what you are about to build.

I will be giving easy to follow instructions in the following context. I will take you from scratch to your final product. I have mentioned all the tools you are going to need. All the materials that will be required to get the job done have also been documented.

I have also given pictures that have been correctly labeled for you to understand better; this is because, scientifically speaking, people understand and remember better by seeing than merely reading.

I will be giving you precise measurements to make the toilet adjustable and easy to sit on. You will have to follow the instructions carefully to get the final product up to its standards. I will be telling you about all the problems I had faced and how I countered them; or what problems you might face while making the toilet and also their solutions.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tools together, muster up some strength and read on the steps and make yourself a composting toilet system with a flush toilet.

Click here to read about how to build a composting toilet system with a flush toilet:


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Melissa Francis
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