Water storage and purificationBuild a Earthbag Water Storage Tank

Build a Earthbag Water Storage Tank

This step by step tutorial of how to build a earthbag water storage tank project helps capture rooftop water and keep it.

Water scarcity is a major problem all around the globe especially in the developing countries. There are some countries where there isn’t even clean water available for drinking purposes resulting in an increased death rate and proneness to illnesses. This has caused great concerns over how water can be stored using economic ways because dams and reservoirs are too large scale and expensive to be built in small towns and communities that are predominantly farming and agricultural based.

Due to these reasons a solution was developed known as Earth bag water tanks. Earth bag water tanks help store water which can be later used for multiple purposes. Building this tank would be extremely useful to farmers especially for agricultural purposes.

Moreover, people living in areas that suffer from lack of rainfall will also find these useful.

Build a Earthbag Water Storage Tank

This project is somewhat similar to Earth bag building (the article is also available on the website) but instead of using bags, we use tubes in this project. The article has explained in great details how to go about building this water tank step by step including the list of materials one would need. Also with the help of a DVD, a guide and illustrations, it is safe to say that there won’t be any problem figuring out how to go about building this. The cost of the project is also included in the article.

If anyone has any questions, they can always comment on the article and interact with other people who might be interested in a similar project and learn from their experiences as well as ours.

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Melissa Francis
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