DIY ProjectsBuild a French Drain with Dry Well

Build a French Drain with Dry Well

This step by step tutorial of how to build a french drain with dry well is a landscaping solution for a build up water on sloping homesteading land. Not all land is perfectly suited to wash excess water away from a house, barn, chicken coop or retaining walls but there are a variety of solutions that can re direct the water flow. Excess water built up in a certain section of land can also cause over saturating of the soil causing trees to fall over during a high wind storm.

A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock or containing a perforated pipe that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area. A French drain can have perforated hollow pipes along the bottom to quickly vent water that seeps down through the upper gravel or rock. Pre-engineered French drain systems that eliminate the need for gravel and rock have become increasingly popular since their introduction over 40 years ago. The common features of these systems include a lightweight gravel substitute that is wrapped around perforated corrugated pipe and covered with commonly used filter fabric as quoted by wikipedia.

Build a French Drain with Dry Well

French drains can lead to a downhill slope or to dry wells or rain gardens where the extra water is held and absorbed by plants. This is useful when city water systems or other waste water areas cannot be used.

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