Build A Gun Cabinet From Pallets


   If you need a gun cabinet but can’t really afford to go buy one since you are spending all your money on guns and ammo ( well at least my hubs does)  then round-up some free pallets and let Blaze03 show you how to build one from pallets. He even made the gun rests inside using a jig saw to cut them and then he covered them in felt.

     This is a pretty neat project because you can choose the size and layout you want in your cabinet. So instead of only 4 long guns fitting and then you need to go buy another gun cabinet you can build the size you need or expect to need and save time and money. This same project could also be built in the garage so you could lock up al the cleaners, paint thinners, weed killers, pesticides and other chemicals you don’t want children to be around.  You can see the tutorial on Instructables.



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