CraftsBuild a Halloween Pumpkin Doorway Arch Craft Project

Build a Halloween Pumpkin Doorway Arch Craft Project

This tutorial of how to build a halloween pumpkin doorway arch craft project is a magnificent decorative holiday display. Just think about buying plastic light up pumpkin decorations at yard sales all year long.

Build a Halloween Pumpkin Doorway Arch Craft Project

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Something about Halloween just seems to bring out the DIY crafter in everyone. Even those who seem to craft for purely utilitarian purposes throughout the year start to create for pure aesthetics when the air starts to carry an autumn chill.

If you’re on the prowl for a project that will really make your house stand out from all of the neighbors’, try your hand at a jack o’ lantern Halloween pumpkin arch.

You will need:

• 50-70 faux craft pumpkins (preferably hallow or carve-able with electric lights inside)

• PVC pipe and connectors (number and length will depend on your design)

• Craft wire

• Duct tape (green, brown, or orange will blend best)

Time required: One weekend


1. Measure the area in front of your doorway (or wherever you intend to place the arch). Leaving some wiggle room on either side, this will be the width of your arch. Next, determine the height, taking into consideration any balconies or overhanging roofs. This is your height.

2. Using graph paper, make a sketch of your archway and determine how long each piece of PVC pipe needs to be, how many connectors you’ll need, and where you’ll attach them. Purchase and assemble.

3. If your craft pumpkins are not pre-carved, spend the next few hours creating whatever types of spooky or silly faces you want.

4. When that’s done, you’re finally ready to attach the pumpkins to the arch. Using the craft wire and duct tape, secure the pumpkins to the PVC frame, taking care to leave their cords accessible.

5. Hook all the cords up (you may need an extension cable), plug them in, and wait for dark to admire your work!

Click here to read about how to build a halloween pumpkin doorway arch craft project:

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Melissa Francis
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