CraftsBuild a Homemade Frugal Birdhouse Project

Build a Homemade Frugal Birdhouse Project

This simple tutorial of how to build a homemade frugal birdhouse project is a great way to connect your children and yourself to nature by creating real estate for birds. It is focused on low cost materials and a simplistic design to create this basic birdhouse that any small bird would be happy to call it home.

Build a Homemade Frugal Bird House Project

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If you are fond of wild birds hanging around your backyard then you will definitely need to have one or more birdhouses in order to give them a place to shelter from the elements. With so many options available when it comes to buying a bird house, it will depend a whole lot on the number of birds you will be wanting to house and how big they are.

This project was designed to be used by smaller species of birds.

Benefits of Building a Homemade Frugal Birdhouse Project

● The project is very simple, easy to follow and can be completed in less than a hour

● The project includes a complete list of materials, supplies and tools needed

● It also describes the construction with an easy step by step instruction guide

● It has several full color pictures that give you visual representation of the project

This craft project was designed to be an ultra easy way to build a simple place for the local wild birds in your backyard to get away from elements in the winter. The homesteader who posted the project was looking for an alternative to all of the elaborate birdhouse designs.

Click here to read about how to Build a Homemade Frugal Birdhouse Project:

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Melissa Francis
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