DIY ProjectsBuild a Homemade Murphy Bed with Bookcases Project

Build a Homemade Murphy Bed with Bookcases Project

Come take a peek at how to build a homemade Murphy bed with bookcases project that can save you space in a bedroom once put in a vertical position. The concept of a bed in a wall brings the Murphy bed into the 21st century.

Build a Homemade Murphy Bed with Bookcases Project

Murphy beds do not come cheap. They are frequently found in apartment living and in spaces that are double purpose for overnight guests. They also seem to be one of those items you wouldn’t make on your own. But you’d be wrong if you thought that.

You can buy the hardware and assemble it yourself for much less than you’d pay for a comfortable and attractive one. Murphy bed plans are available online and you can also purchase Murphy bed hardware packages which will come with springs and rails.

You will want to follow the plans carefully. A small misstep can cause the loss of an entire sheet of wood. It’s also always a good idea to make sure you can and do purchase formaldehyde free and or sustainable wood pieces.

Follow professional plans but normally you begin with the bed platform. After that, check any guidelines that come with the hardware package. This will indicate where to drill your holes and cut for support rails, so make sure the plans don’t conflict.

All told your cost will be much less than what you’d pay a manufacturer, particularly a custom bed. And you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing it was built by hand. The guests you hope to use it for will be impressed.

The front of the bed is often decorated and you have some license in choices – mirrors or faux cabinets are typical and look nice. And keep in mind which side will be facing out to your guests.

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Melissa Francis
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