DIY ProjectsBuild a Homesteading Mobile Chicken Coop Project

Build a Homesteading Mobile Chicken Coop Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homesteading mobile chicken coop project is very detailed and is well worth the effort.

Raising chickens has been centuries old tradition and so has the trend of moving them. But chickens, having no sense of direction are rather hard to move and it takes up a lot of time and definitely a lot of man power. However, taking our inspiration from the homesteaders of the past and the transportation vehicles used there known as rickshaws we have come up with a homesteading mobile chicken coop.!

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Build a Homesteading Mobile Chicken Coop Project

Because of the difficulty in moving the chickens people often keep them in the same place for a long time but that is extremely unhygienic, chickens will pull out grass roots leaving bare dirt and eat all the insects in one area. For this very purpose we have built a device that will help move chickens and the best part is that it will require only one man to do it.

This is especially convenient for people who are a one man show and don’t operate on a very large scale. The mobile chicken coop is easy to use and make and anyone with basic carpentry skills will be able to do it. It is lightweight and easy to move. You can transport your chickens anywhere you want and even travel long distances without any difficulty. Plus moving the chickens from time to time will avoid any area of your land becoming overworked.

The article gives a detailed list of supplies and tools needed to make a mobile chicken coop. It goes on explaining how to build one in great detail with the help of illustrations. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to build a chicken coop in no time at all.

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