Raising LivestockBuild a Homesteading Water Heater for a Chicken Coop

Build a Homesteading Water Heater for a Chicken Coop

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homesteading water heater for a chicken coop that is a safe and inexpensive way to keep drinking water from freezing. This article is all about how to build a chicken water heater in just fewer than four dollars without taking up too much of your time. Temperatures are dropping as the days become shorter. Chickens are heading into the coop more to eat, drink and stay warm.

Chickens are one of the relatively easier farm animals to look after but even they require special care and treatment. They might not be as needy or demanding as your cat or dog but you still have to look after their needs and provide a healthy and safe environment.

Build a Homesteading Water Heater for a Chicken Coop

True to the claim of working with just four dollars the article lists down the supplies and tools needed along with the prices to assure readers that this is not an expensive project because most of the water heaters found in the market are quite expensive.

Some people might find this project a little hard at first but worry not folks to make the job as easy as possible for you; the article divides the building process in different steps each explained in detail along with illustrations so that one can monitor their progress at each and every level. This DIY chicken water heater will keep the water clan and warm during winters and your chickens will be very happy with the results.

So do read this article and we assure you that you will find some great techniques here and realize how useful it is to have one of these around. We hope you have as much fun as building it as we did.

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Melissa Francis
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