Build ItBuild A Loft Bed For Dorm Or Small Bedroom

Build A Loft Bed For Dorm Or Small Bedroom

If you need to make some room in a dorm or small bedroom a loft bed can really help open up some space. The bed is above so all the space under it becomes available. You can install a desk under the bed or rod for hanging clothing or even another twin bed if that is needed. You could put a small loveseat under it to provide seating for watching tv. What ever you decide you want to put under the bed they space is there and you still have a place to sleep that is up out of the way. You can build it a little different for what you need it for weather it is for a toddler or a college student a loft bed can really help when they are squeezed for space. Home Jelly shares info on building your loft bed.


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