CraftsBuild a Movie Projector with a Smartphone Project

Build a Movie Projector with a Smartphone Project

Learn how to build a movie projector with a smartphone project with some simple materials that will make movie night fantastic.

Build a Movie Projector with a Smartphone Project

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Do you remember the pin cameras made out of boxes? The concept is a simple one that uses the physics of light to turn a simple cardboard box into a camera. Now that smartphones are a part of everyone’s life, it seems you can recreate that old fashioned pin camera and step it up a bit. Take your smartphone and a few household hobby supplies and make a home projector.

Projectors basically take an image and shine light through it towards a lens. The lens magnifies the image before it hits a screen. The exact same technique is done in making a homemade projector with your smartphone as the movie reel.

All you need is a solid cardboard box, glue supplies and a magnifying glass lens, which should be separated from any handle or attachments. The magnifying glass acts as the lens and expands the image to project onto a screen. The setup is done through a shoebox to prevent other light from collecting on and through the lens.

Set the smartphone at one end of the box, inside and covered from light. The magnifying lens is set in the other end to trap the light – which is your movie – from the smartphone at the other end.

It will project onto any movie screen or flat surface.

There are times it would simply be nice to show movies at home with family and friends. Now you can have movie night and show your smartphone stored videos without buying a projector. Read on to see how it’s done.

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