DIY ProjectsBuild a Plastic Storage Container Strong Shelf DIY Project

Build a Plastic Storage Container Strong Shelf DIY Project

How to build a plastic storage container strong shelf diy project is a MUST because being organized saves you money, because if you can’t find your stuff when you need it, you will go out and buy another one. (quoted from article)

Build a Plastic Storage Container Strong Shelf DIY Project

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Storage is a premium for anyone, even in homestead homes. It’s human nature and often good sense to keep things around that you may not have use for, but are too good to throw away. Then there are those people who need storage for seasonal clothing and sports. Others need storage for tools and supplies that are used only occasionally.

No matter what reason, storage space is needed and it’s often cluttered.

A primary reason for the clutter effect is open shelving. Things that have an assigned bin, holder or location hook are easier to keep handy. Storage units that are pre built are often expensive and don’t always come with the right spacing or drawer sizes for the items they are meant to hold.

The best thing to do is create a storage space that is specific to the items that are shelved. Some items tend to adopt a room so take a look at what you always toss on the shelf in the garage, for example, and then plan your storage space accordingly. Tools will need larger bins or hooks while winter clothes and ski gear can both be put in large bins.

A simple shelf system that is built to hold removable containers like bins and drawers is easy to lay out and then assemble. Labels are handy to have and with the wealth of materials available, consider color coding items or matching bins to create a design.

Here’s a DIY shelving project that turned a cluttered basement into a luxurious and spacious storage room.

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Melissa Francis
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