Build A Raised Pallet Garden Bed On Wheels


         Learn how to make this gorgeous raised garden bed out of scrap wood, pallets and old shutters. If you have these already then all you really need to buy are the casters. If you don’t have them you could try garage sales or craigslist. I love the look of this while knowing it is made of a pallet and recycled materials.

        By adding the shutters on the sides it looks really pretty compared to other pallet gardens.  DIY Networks shares the instructions for building a raised pallet garden that you can move around. I love it, as they say in spring you can park the garden in full sun then in the boiling hot of summer you could move it to a little less direct sun area.

      Possibly best of all  is in fall  once the garden is done you could roll it into the garage or shed to protect it from the harsh winter elements. Great idea and design, I think I will put in an order to hubs for about 3 of them.


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