DIY ProjectsBuild a Sectional PVC Laundry Hamper DIY Project

Build a Sectional PVC Laundry Hamper DIY Project

How to build a sectional PVC laundry hamper diy project is detailed in this step by step tutorial.

Build a Sectional PVC Laundry Hamper DIY Project

Laundry has a habit of piling up and common laundry bags are too soft to keep in a corner securely. Enclosed hampers aren’t always the answer either since the size determines how much they can hold. But a DIY laundry sorter might be just the thing to take care of that.

With fitted PVC plastic piping, you can create an assembly line of soft laundry bags. Most bags come with loops at the rim or cord which can be used to suspend them on the PVC rails. Multiple bags can hang side by side for sorting. No more going through the laundry after it’s all been put in the bag.

Note: all sizes are 1/2″

Structural PVC Fittings – these fittings are made particularly for building things (they do not carry fluid), though you could use standard PVC fittings as well.

8 – PVC20 – Three Way L – These will be for the corners

5 – PVC25 – Tee – These will be for the middle supports and for the top of the lid.

11 – PVC10 – Slip Tee – These hold the “bag supports” and also are used to hinge the lid.

2 – PVC15 – Elbow – These are the corners of the lid.

Snap Clamps

Snap clamps are PVC clips that are used to hold on both the lid fabric and the laundry bags.

12 – For the bag supports

12 – For holding on lid fabric

PVC Pipe Lengths

I kept the lengths simple – three feet tall and 6 feet wide, so I only had two lengths to cut (with the section of the lid “edit” (more about that later). This is all 1/2″ Schedule 40 PVC

16 – 3 foot cuts (4 for bottom, 4 for top, 6 for uprights, 2 for lid)

11 – 18″ cuts (2 for bottom, 6 for top, 3 for lid)

You will probably want to determine the size based upon the size bags that you are planning to use.

Other Stuff:

5 Laundry Bags

1 pc of fabric to cover the top
a bunch of safety pins to help attach the fabric.

PVC piping is made to be assembled in lengths and with curves and bends. You can find all the pieces you’ll need usually at the same store or manufacturer. Start with a drawing of the layout. It seems simple enough to do in your mind but you’ll want to make sure you have all the lengths and joints you will need.

Measure to ensure it will fit your laundry bags with enough room for expansion. The bags will be tied on so consider the size of the opening as well. Additionally if you’d like a cover, you will need hinges and fabric to make the top.

Glue is not needed in most cases where the PVC piping attaches but test the grip to make sure. Pipe kits also have grip clips that can secure the bag top in place, wrapped around the support pipes. Read on to see how one DIY-er made a four bag laundry sorter.

Click here to read about how to build a sectional PVC laundry hamper diy project:

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