DIY ProjectsBuild a Toilet Top Sink that Saves Water

Build a Toilet Top Sink that Saves Water

This step by step tutorial of how to build a toilet top sink that saves water is going to change how people conserve water. You can wash your hands then re use that water to fill your toilet tank….. then flush.

Sink toilets have been apart of highly efficient bathrooms  in Japan for decades. The compact plumbing device features a toilet on the bottom and a sink mounted on the top.  Once you have used the toilet, you simply turn around and wash your hands, with the fresh water coming from the tap that then trickles down into the sink basin.  The gently used water  follows into the toilet tank and is used to flush when needed.

Build a Toilet Top Sink that Saves Water

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Water conservation has come to the forefront these days for many parts of the world. Fresh Water for washing and for flushing even in developed countries is not taken for granted. Just because you live in an area of the world that has in home plumbing and regular running water there is no telling when it could disappear for a short time. That makes it important to have ways that you can conserve the amount of water you use everyday.

When it comes to designing a dual use water system, it is important to use the water in the correct sequence. Using the fresh water supply for a toilet and redirect it to supply the water for a faucet and sink in order to be able to wash your hands and then use the water from the sink to flush the toilet (gray water). The Toilet Top Sink Do It Yourself Project is a step by step guide from start to finish.

Benefits of using a Toilet Top Sink

● The all time best water conservation project available

● Detailed list of both necessary tools and all needed materials

● Each step is explained in detail and includes pictures

● Includes a video of the project

Click here to read about how to Build a Toilet Top Sink that Saves Water diy project:

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