DIY ProjectsBuild a Vertical Wood Slat Vegetable Garden Project

Build a Vertical Wood Slat Vegetable Garden Project

This easy method of how to build a vertical wood slat vegetable garden project is a great option from growing in small spaces or as part of a living landscape. Creating your own personal garden will help you grow vegetables, herbs or even edible flowers can supplement your cooking with wonderfully fresh ingredients.

Build a Vertical Wood Slat Vegetable Garden Project

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Backyard gardening is becoming increasingly popular these days and there are numerous reasons for it, high cost of fresh produce and questions about the safety of the produce in many grocery stores are just a few of them.

For whatever your reasons that you are considering your own backyard garden there are a number factors you need to think about before you dive in.

One of those things is space, do you have enough space in the backyard for a garden. This do it yourself project is designed especially for those people who do not have a lot of space that can be used for gardening. It features a gardening method called Vertical Gardening and it really is easier than you think.

I uses a number of wooden boxes that are suspended off the ground and the structure is attached to a solid wall or permanent fence. This type of gardening also cuts down on the maintenance associated with backyard gardening.

Benefits of the How To: Make a Modern, Space Saving Vertical Vegetable Garden

● Project includes a complete list of materials, supplies and tools needed to complete it

● It also includes an easy read and follow step by step instruction guide

● It has several full color photos that depict several stages of the construction

Tools and Materials:

Miter or circular saw
Cordless drill and 1⁄8 inch drill bit
Staple gun and 1/2 electric cord staples
Tape measure
Safety glasses and dust mask
Tin snips or cutting pliers
3x 8′ long cedar 1x8s
4x 8′ long cedar 1x3s
16x 8′ long cedar 1x2s
1 roll of wire hardware cloth, 1/2″ gap
1 roll weed blocker fabric

Click here to read about how to build a vertical wood slat vegetable garden project:

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