Build a Wheelbarrow Planter Free from Pallets


Most gardeners will learn that they need a good wheelbarrow to finish some garden tasks at one point or another. Wheelbarrows can be used for numerous purposes, like moving mulch, compost, or rock toe garden, moving large shrubs or trees from one corner to another, getting rid of garden debris, hauling bricks, for mixing fertilizers or concrete.

According to Darcy Larum, not all wheelbarrows are similar though so the specific type of wheelbarrow you will buy will depend on the specific tasks you will need it for.
With all the different varieties available, it is important to choose a wheelbarrow that rightfully your gardening requirements.

In general, there are two kinds of wheelbarrow buckets you can choose from – plastic or steel. Steel wheelbarrow buckets are heavier but they are also prone to rushing and are heavier to carry. These steel wheelbarrows are ideal for heavy duty jobs like moving large plants, bricks, or rocks.

On the other hand, plastic wheelbarrow buckets are much lighter and cheaper compared to steel although these can crack from excessive weight, improper handling, or extreme temperature changes. Plastic wheelbarrows are ideal for moving compost, smaller plants, garden debris, and compost. Plastic is also ideal for mixing stuff such as fertilizers or concrete as well as hauling cow manure because these things could cause damage on steel.

If steel and plastic are not your cup of tea, don’t worry because you can always make one yourself. Woodworking for Mere Mortals teaches you how you can make your own rustic wheelbarrow you can use for your garden.