DIY ProjectsBuild an Automatic Chicken Food Feeder Project

Build an Automatic Chicken Food Feeder Project

This step by step video tutorial of how to build an automatic chicken food feeder project is inexpensive yet highly effective method that can outlast the weather conditions.

Food isn’t cheap whether you’re feeding you and your family or the animals you have from domesticated pets to livestock. With the potentially high expense of food, or feed, it’s not something you would want to go to waste.

So, what can you possibly do to keep this from happening? You don’t want your chickens to starve, but you also don’t want your hard-earned money wasted by ruined feed. There has to be some option out there that won’t cost a lot of money, but will save your money in the long run as well. What could it possibly be?

Well, one idea would be installing an automatic chicken food feeder . You can find all the parts you will need at your local hardware store which makes shopping convenient for you. Following the simple instructions and advice you’ll find below, you’ll have yourself a working automatic chicken food feeder that will keep your chicken feed safe from other animals and from being destroyed by environmental elements.

Build an Automatic Chicken Feeder Project

Chicken feed isn’t as expensive as some other feeds you purchase for livestock or even domesticated pets, but finding it ruined from other animals poaching it or seeing it strewn across the ground, soaking in the morning’s early dew isn’t something you want.

Click the 5 minute video below to watch how to build an automatic chicken food feeder project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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