ChickensBuild Backyard Chicken Coop DIY Project

Build Backyard Chicken Coop DIY Project

How to Build Backyard Chicken Coop DIY Project is perfect because of it’s exllecent features to remains dry, has good ventilation, void of drafts and provides a healthy environment for the birds grow healthy.

Build Backyard Chicken Coop DIY Project

The design of the structure in subject is from a model constructed a few years back, however the design and appearance has been made to be appealing – to avoid local problems. This is an easy manual to aid you in completing similar projects.

Before commencing, make sure to check local rules that dictate how many birds are allowed to be reared what gender.

To begin, you need to construct the floor space, framings and nest boxes for the birds, this is where to put into consideration the number of birds you intend to train, in order to make spaces suitable enough for them. The frame of the enclosure, is raised 18’’ off the ground to provide a shady area under the structure or the birds to relax, away from sunlight. The floors of the enclosure are framed with 2*4’s lumber arranged in order and 4*4’s sitting on them.

Whereas a lot of books suggest raised nest boxes, the design of these boxes on the ground has shown to have no negative causeover the years.

Next would be the roof, which is hipped for easy run-off with a cupola attached to the top of the rooffor extra ventilation. Then the walls are constructed, and doors put in place for protection from draft and predators.

This backyard chicken shelter, is an efficient method of training poultry to house themselves in their chicken coop on your homestead. This design is cost efficient and efficent.

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