DIY ProjectsBuild Brick Fireplace Backyard Homesteading DIY Project

Build Brick Fireplace Backyard Homesteading DIY Project

How to Build Brick Fireplace Backyard Homesteading DIY Project is a excellent weekend task to create a centerpiece for your outdoor living space. Friends and family can gather around the fiery warmth while gazing up at the stars.

Build Brick Fireplace Backyard Homesteading DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading

A backyard fireplace is the perfect option for those who desire to upgrade their backyards without the need to reform the entire land because it will only need a small fraction of the yard. To build it, the main material you will need are stones, which you can find anywhere. For the tools, you will need levels, a tape measure, an edging shovel, a spade shovel, hand tamp, marking paint, and a rake.




tape measure

edging shovel

spade shovel

hand tamp

marking paint

First of all, mark the spot where you want the fireplace to be and, according to the size of the stones, calculate the size of the fireplace. Use an edging shovel, dig outside of the mark until it reaches 4”/5” below grade. Use the spade and edging shovel to clean and flat out inside the marked area at about 4”/5” below grade. Lastly, use the hand tamp to tamp the dirt until it becomes a flat working surface. Keep on leveling the recently dug area with your spade shovel and crush, back filling about 1-2″ repeatedly until you are 1-2″ below the grass. It needs to be leveled on all four sides.

Place the stone on a corner and begin to layer both directions from that corner to create the base row, ensure both sides have the same number of stones and the corners are lined up. Build up from the first row, overlap the bricks in a pattern so the edges do not line up until it reaches the desired height. You can also put concrete at the bottom of the pit, that way it will be easier to clean up the ashes.

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