Primitive SkillsBuild Campfire That Burns All Night Long Project

Build Campfire That Burns All Night Long Project

How to Build Campfire That Burns All Night Long Project is a bushcraft primitive skill that literally could save your life.

A self feeding fire can not only keep you warm but it can keep predators away.

Build Campfire That Burns All Night Long Project

Here’s a genius solution for the age old sleep depriving chore of constantly feeding a fire – the Self-feeding fire. This fire construction should burn through the night, ideal for avid campers, homesteaders and outdoor adventurers.


– Shovel

– Rope

– Strong Straight Logs (Support Frame)

– Large Diameter Logs

1: Prepare Location – Fire pit location must be clear and open from flammable materials and plants.

Dig pit properly with the following approximate dimensions:

* Length – should run 6-7-inches longer compared to your previous fuel log

* Width – depends on the fuel logs diameter.

* Depth – around 6-8 inches

Prior to setting up the base, set 2 fuel logs together while a little room in between. As you dig, ensure dirt are piled along sides.

2: Lash the Frame – There must be two sides for the frame, each should have two upright staves and one upright stave bound together to form a capital “H”.

3: Align the frame up with the prepared pit at the center.

4. Footing and Raising the Frame – Dig shallow footing for frames. Holes must be larger compared to the diameter of upright posts.Raise frame by lifting horizontal cross piece. Raise the two sides until inner angle reaches 90 degrees. Leave a clay/dirt layer around the base of the upright frame for insulation.

5. Load up with other logs for fuel. Leave gap of about an inch between the first two logs which allows uniform ignition and access to set tinder beneath the space between logs.

6. Seal Dirt Ramps to control the amount of air flowing in.

7. Get Ready to light fire. Remember to take extra care when handling fires and properly put it out.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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