DIY ProjectsBuild Cattle Panel Hoop Greenhouse DIY Project

Build Cattle Panel Hoop Greenhouse DIY Project

This tutorial of how to build cattle panel hoop greenhouse diy project is straightforward and frugal with amazing results.

Build Cattle Panel Hoop Greenhouse DIY Project

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As all experienced gardeners will say, having a greenhouse is an invaluable tool when it comes to food-growing. Having a greenhouse at your disposal opens up different growing possibilities. It can be a large season extender in regions where the number of growing days (ideal) is limited.

Greenhouses can make it a lot easier to get new seeds started and to protect plants from frosts during spring and fall seasons.

They are an excellent addition to flexible garden spaces. Although they can be quite expensive to put in (as well as the fact that there a number of things to consider before installing) the project turns out just perfect if erected according to instructions. While this DIY project isn’t so difficult or complicated to complete, it can be created without any major plans or precise measurements.

Tools needed:

Circular Saw

BandSaw or Table saw. An alternative it purchase 2x2s or have some rip-cut 2x4s in half for you.

Drill with pilot hole bit and screwdriver bit.

Utility knife

T-50 Stapler


2 cattle or combo panels. These are 4 feet 4 inches by a little more than 16 feet. These can be purchased at places like Tractor Supply Co.

2 12 foot 2x4s

8 or more 10 foot 2x4s (you will have some left overs)

Box of screws 2 1/2 inch power drive screws.

Box of nails 16d common sinker or deck nails (something big enough to hold the cattle panel to the 2x4s).

You just need to be familiar with the tools required for it and be able to adjust during the actual project. Although it appears simple enough for one individual to construct within a day, yet is sturdy, and functional, capabilities make it sound great. With a quick estimation, erecting this DIY greenhouse project would cost nearly $120 to with the required materials.

If you have extra nails, lumber, and screws, etc. you could build this for far less than the estimated sum of money.

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Melissa Francis
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