Build This Cover Over Your Patio Or Deck


If you are up for a big project this summer, check out this gorgeous way to cover your deck or patio. This will give you an extra room to spend the summer in. Since it will be totally covered you can spend time there whether it is sunny or pouring rain.

Build This Cover Over Your Patio Or Deck

It looks amazing and as if it was originally part of the house. It is something that will add value to your home and is sure to be used a lot by the whole family. Your outdoor furniture can be as comfy as you wish since you can add thick pillows and cushions with out worry of them getting wet. The little ones can play outside even if its raining and you can barbeque, rain or shine. This would be nice for folks that have friends over on weekends.

The instructions come from The Family Handyman and they tell us that with two people who are some what familiar with power tools and can handle a power saw that you can probably finish this project in a few days. So you could use it all the rest of this summer and into fall. I love the way it looks and I would spend loads of time there, reading and watching birds at the bird feeders. An awesome addition to any house.

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