How to Build a Doll House from a Book Shelf Project

Simple As That blog shares how to build (re purpose) a doll house from a book shelf.

This is a great do it yourself project that could be a frugal Christmas gift for a lucky child. Many families are struggling to make ends meet and are looking for ways to create homemade gifts to bring joy to their children.



Here is a creative list of inexpensive ways to decorate the doll house:

You can use different pieces of wrapping paper as wall paper in the dollhouse.

Dollies can be used as rugs.

Hardwood floors can be made with popsicle sticks.

Metal tins from eyeshadow containers can be used for baking tins.

Dollhouse clothes hangers can be made by bending a paperclip.

How to Make a Clay or Terracotta Tile Roof from corrugated cardboard – click here.

Dollhouse Size Grocery Products free printables – click here !

Magazine pictures can be made into wall pictures.

How to make a Dollhouse Charcoal Grill – click here !

Click here to see a step by step tutorial of making this project:


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