DIY ProjectsBuild Extra Strong Storage Shelves DIY Project

Build Extra Strong Storage Shelves DIY Project

How to Build Extra Strong Storage Shelves DIY Project is one of the very best design to support a lot of weight effortlessly. Garage, basement, food pantry or even in a laundry room could benefit from a set of these shelves.

Build Extra Strong Storage Shelves DIY Project

Here is a simple construction of shelves to be built at home at any size along the walls. This construction requires two wooden boards measured at 2×4 nailed on one side with a small slanted portion holding the shelf. The joints of the shelf will befirmed up with wooden glue rather than nails and screws because they won’t keep the joints completely standing up.

With a saw, cut pieces for one shelf from the 2×4. An alternative is toget2x2 pieces for the slants and 1×3 piecesas panels. Slice the taper from these boards with an easyslicemade up of a piece of plywood sawed at a certain angle on a table board. Nine brackets for each board should be made; at two boards each, 18 brackets should be built.

Next, nail half of each support together, which is then nailed to the 2×4 standing side. Then, work on the side of the board and nail them also while on a working bench. Do this before mounting the 2×4 pieces.

Use some extra ¾”boarding, which isn’t strong for the whole length between the supports, so use 3/4″ plywood as they should be strong enough. Construct a rail on the front and back brackets to give the boards that extra support to keep it sturdy. These rails on the back are secured tightly with just one screw on the inside to support the shelf. Do a test of the weight support and it is done.

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