GardeningBuild Fenced In Gardening Beds and Garden Project

Build Fenced In Gardening Beds and Garden Project

How to Build Fenced In Gardening Beds and Garden Project is shown through a progression of pictures and a homesteading family’s first hand experience of building their own enclosed garden.

There was no vegetable gardens formerly set on this homestead property so these homesteaders decided to build Potager enclosed garden – in less than a week!

The enclosed fenced in garden was built in the location that was level and close to the house with ample exposure to the sun.

* Before building it, 3 things had to be considered:

• right amount of space

• sun and shade

• the best pricing for the needed materials

Fir wood was cheaper, so it’s a good choice for the square box that will hold the plants. Here are the dimensions, 2×12 for the square boxes and 2×10 for the longer rectangular boxes.

The boxes were leveled and staked into place along with the posts. Since the garden was also intended to offer a hangout spot, it was designed to be both functional and appealing.

The goodies left by the property’s previous owner along with some vintage stuff helped put some art in the garden. The bed frame was turned into the trellis for the tomato bed and an antique bath tub was converted into a bench for the garden. The fence made with a top rail was completed and after just a few touches, the Potager garden was ready.

Amazing, how the Potager turned into an amazing vegetation garden in just four days.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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