CraftsBuild Floating Pool Noodle Ice Chest DIY Project

Build Floating Pool Noodle Ice Chest DIY Project

How to build floating pool noodle ice chest diy project is a simple inexpensive way to keep fluids close by cold and handy while soaking up the sun warming rays.

Build Floating Pool Noodle Ice Chest DIY Project - Hydrated in a Swimming Pool or Lake

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Summer is here again, and nothing feels more relaxing than chilling out in the pool with a couple of cold drinks. With the unbearable heat and sweat, a lazy day at the pool can be of great help. So you’ve been inside the pool for about an hour, your bottle is empty, but the heat continues to make you thirsty. Getting out of the pool just to grab a beer or soda can be inconveniencing.

A simple solution is to make your pool noodle floating ice cooler. That way you don’t need to keep climbing out of the pool to grab drinks. Pool noodles are one of the most awesome pool toys and are used by people of different age groups while swimming. They are particularly good for water because they float.

You will need the pool noodles to hold your drinks and ice so that they are within your reach. There are different sizes of pool noodles, the most common dimension being 160 centimeters (63 in) in length and about 7 centimeters (2.8 in) in diameter.

Whether you want to impress your Party guests with a super cool innovation or you, want to make your day at the pool comfortable, making your own pool noodles floating ice cooler is fun. The materials are affordable compared to getting a professionally made pool noodle.

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