DIY ProjectsBuild Frugal Scrap Wood Goat Shelter DIY Project

Build Frugal Scrap Wood Goat Shelter DIY Project

How to build frugal scrap wood goat shelter diy project is perfect for homesteaders like using scavenged leftover building materials.

Build Frugal Scrap Wood Goat Shelter DIY Project

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This is a shelter for sheep, as the name suggests. So, for those who have sheep on their farm and like to build special sleep areas for them, look at these “homes.” Get plenty of wood, preferably recycled, mark it down with a nail, string, paint, and a protractor, and draw off a six-foot circle, which is then divided into three equal parts to make three interlocking circles when built. Get a hammer and saw for this, as well.

Lay out the bottom layer of wooden blocks – 12 each at a foot long of 4×2 – and remove the ones in the middle. These three circles will be open to each other. Make the second layer connect the gaps between the first layers and repeat by nailing to each end. At each circle, have an entryway, the door jambs, marked at the top with three pieces of 8×2. Then, narrow the gaps in with smaller blocks of wood, from 11-inches down as it is inserted going up. Afterwards, if desired, put a roof over it. Use 6x2s as a triangle frame from above the doors and a second smaller triangle frame on top between each marked gap. It should be circular, as intended to be.

Cozy but with wind to come through, the sheephive will feel nice laying inside at night.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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