DIY ProjectsHow to Build Garage Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

How to Build Garage Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

How to Build Garage Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project is a detailed step by step tutorial with free plans. Build in your garage, basement or in your food storage pantry…. strong sturdy shelves that are perfect for sliding plastic tote bins in and out easily.

How to Build Garage Wood Storage Shelves DIY Project

Do you have plans to build a Tote Storage shelving yourself? It is quite simple, really. And here is how you go about it.

You will need to have a wall that you can anchor or screw into studs—this is important.

You will attach a 2*4 to the studs that has been placed on the wall, after marking out all the studs by using self tapping wood screws, preferably. It should be in the desired length and height of the shelve you want to make. And attach the rest of the shelve boards.

Then add a second 2*4 on top the first one—it should be in the same length, and screw—but not all the way in. then add and screw a vertical 2*4s—the height of the shelve. You should add legs, appropriately. And attach a second 2*4 to the first ones—after unscrewing those screws. Attach the pocket holes that you have used Kreg Jigged to put holes in one side. Screw it to the cleats, after you put cleats near the middle and ends and attach the second leg up to it, appropriately.

Note that you can prevent using treated lumber by shimming the bottom of the wood (2*4) up a little from the floor.

Then lay the plywood on the shelving after ripping it to fit, appropriately. If the shelve will be used for heavier loads, you should use a stronger plywood. Then you have to screw all the plywood in, appropriately. And you are done!

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