DIY ProjectsBuild Geodesic Dome Gardening Greenhouse DIY Project

Build Geodesic Dome Gardening Greenhouse DIY Project

How to build geodesic dome gardening greenhouse diy project is easy, practical and affordable for homesteaders to construct their own garden structures. It extends your growing season all year long.

Build Geodesic Dome Gardening Greenhouse DIY Project

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A geodesic dome is a specialized structure that is made for large sporting events, observatories, a ride (Epcot’s Spaceship Earth), and for gardening plants. It has a three-dimensional look to it, which is why it’s a popular looking structure for the backyard. Here, it can be homemade for growing fruit.

To make one, get five-foot broom handles to cut 30 sticks at 1,005mm and 35 sticks at 1,148mm. For the base, get long wooden pieces that measure 75mm x 47mm x 2.4 m, stretchy fruit cage netting, 30 pegs, and varnish. In addition, have a hand saw, power drill, screwdriver, 2-3 mm drill bit, and a geodesic dome kit, which had the little bits to help in installing it.

First, cut the rounded ends off the broom handles against a block of wood to keep the cut square. With the chopped ends, smooth them with some sandpaper. Next, cut the base blocks at about 20cm each in length. Mark them at each point to know exactly where to cut. Then, use the varnish, or paint, over the sticks and base blocks. Screw on the ball connectors and drill in the wood screws to each end of the sticks to finally have the complete assembly before building the dome.


Hand saw

Power drill (speeds things up!)

Pozidriv (PZ2) bit or screwdriver

2-3mm drill bit (if using hard wood)

Pen or pencil

Choose a flat surface and position where the entrance will be. Snap in from the center and the dome will build upward in less than 30 minutes. Once built, install the base blocks by screwing the hub down onto it. It all can be repositioned after it is established. Finally, cover the dome with the netting, pin it down on the frame, and clamp the hubs up. With an established entrance, the fruit planting can begin.

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Build Geodesic Dome Gardening Greenhouse DIY Project
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