CraftsHow to Build a Glass Garden Totem Art Statue Project

How to Build a Glass Garden Totem Art Statue Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a glass garden totem art statue project will have you looking at large glass 70’s lamp bases and glass dishes, glass bowls, glass vases and glass plates in a whole new way.

How to Build a Glass Garden Totem Art Statue Project

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Would you like to add the beauty of a stunning glass sculpture to your garden without paying hundreds of dollars for an original piece of art? If there’s one thing homesteaders are good at, it’s DIY projects, and this one is as fun as they come.

Materials Needed:

• A variety of sturdy glassware (thrift store, yard sales finds work well. Avoid fragile pieces like wine glasses in favor of more solid plates, vases, or goblets)

• Silicone glue

• Safety gloves

• Safety glasses

Time Needed:

• Approximately 1 hour work time

• 24 hours dry time


1. Thoroughly clean and dry your glassware.

2. Lay all pieces out on a shower curtain or drop cloth.

3. Silicone should be used in a well-ventilated area, outside if possible.


1. Start by stacking different pieces to get an idea of what you’d like your statue to look like.

2. Remember –

• Wider vases or cups should go on the bottom, with smaller pieces at the top.

• Place all plates face-down to avoid water collection (unless you’d like a bird bath)

• Keep color and style in mind when choosing your pieces

• Think of constructing a cupcake tower; flat piece, followed by cylindrical piece, followed by flat piece.

• Try not to go higher than 4 feet.

3. Once you know your design, begin by gluing the first two pieces together. To ensure that everything dries properly, it’s best to glue the different sections separately, wait for them to dry overnight, then glue the sections together.

After everything is glued and dried, place your new sculpture in the garden and enjoy watching the sunlight catch in the beautiful glass pieces.

Suggested Materials that glue the glass pieces together are GE Silicone II Clear Caulk,  and E6000 glue are the best options.  You might really like a Glass Finial Totem Garden Stake…. (Click Here).

Re-purposing what most people consider out of date home decor and glassware into garden art that will make people stop and stare in awe appreciation. Be that creative person who thinks outside of the box.

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Here is a gallery of beautiful amazing finished glass totems by MacGIRLver:

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