ChickensBuild Grand Chicken Coop Homesteading DIY Project

Build Grand Chicken Coop Homesteading DIY Project

How to build grand chicken coop homesteading diy project is a detailed tutorial of one of the best coops you have ever come across.

If you have been rearing hens and you have not been able to buy or construct a good coop for your hens, this may be good news for you. The couple who came up with this coop had a lot of requirements in mind.

Build Grand Chicken Coop Homesteading DIY Project

Above all, they wanted to make it as beautiful as possible. They wanted a coop that is big enough to allow either of them to get inside to clean it easily. Since homesteaders are often witnesses powerful storms occasionally, they wanted a coop that can withstand storms, summer rain floods and other harsh weather conditions.

~ Foundation and Floor​ Material list:

2-4x4x12′ pressure treated lumber​

2×6 rim joists (outside boards)​

2×4 joists​

3/4 plywood (flooring)​

Linoleum ​

Pea gravel (4″ deep under skids)​

No posts, no concrete​

Deck size 11’x11″ long, 7’11” wide​

Top of floor to ground is 16″ (to keep dry and have some airflow)​

~ Walls & Roof:

2×4 Wall construction

3/8x4x8 plywood siding sheets

Back wall 6’3″ overall height

Front wall 8’3″ overall height

32″ Overhang in front, 12″ overhang on all other sides

2×6 Facia with 2×4 rafters

1/2″ Plywood for roof

Rolled roofing

3 pitch roof angle

~ Inside Coop

~ Walls and Ceiling insulated

Walls and Ceiling covered with 1/8″ white board

Wired for 2 lights – one on switch, one on timer (for short winter days) – and two outlets

Motion sensor light on front of coop

2 perches 8′ long, with 8’x22″ poop board

Storage area with slanted roof (to keep birds off)

Metal garbage can for feed on wheeled board for easy access

1×6 on edge to keep wood shavings away from entry door and storage area

3 nesting boxes 22″ off floor (to gain more floor space)

2 Nesting boxes are 12″ wide and one is 14″, 14″ tall at front opening

Deep litter method

2 2’x5′ Windows covered in hardware cloth on each end

Transom Window on front for extra light

Hinged venting on all sides, hardware cloth, with pull cords for easy opening/closing (magnetic closure)

Weather stripping around entry door and nesting box door

~ Outdoor Run

Size: 21’x9′

All constructed with 2×4 pressure treated lumber

Double row of 2x4s for bottom perimeter

3′ Spacing for studs to match 36″ roll of hardware cloth

2×4 Facia all around upper perimeter

2×4 Rafters spaced at 24″ on center to accommodate corrugated pvc roof panels

Ripped 2×4 to 1/4″ to cover wire on studs and door

Door size: 32″ wide x 76″ tall

Door wood is ripped down to 2 1/2″ wide to save some weight

As a homesteader who is raising a flock of chickens, you may want to adopt the deep litter method in the coop. The air quality is also very important so as to avoid diseases and you may consider good ventilation and adequate air movement. You may have 7 hens and may plan to purchase a couple of hens more. This coop has enough room for about 15 hens without congestion.

You need to read the article properly to see all the features of this coop. However, you just need to understand the concepts behind the construction. Your coop does not have to be as big as that. You can alter your own measurements but you must understand the reason behind each of the features. Don’t forget to share it.

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