DIY ProjectsBuild Hanging Loft Bunk Beds DIY Project

Build Hanging Loft Bunk Beds DIY Project

This tutorial of how to build hanging loft bunk beds diy project has safety factors built-in to its specifications. Many people prefer loft beds because they do not take up floor space.

Build Hanging Loft Bunk Beds DIY Project

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The fact that everyone sleeps means beds are necessary for any human habitation. They can be made in different styles, shapes and sizes depending on your preference. Our focus here is on loft bunk beds or hanging beds.

Loft bunk beds can be purchased in furniture stores but in order to have the ability to customize it to your taste (if you are crafty) you can follow the simple DIY project highlighted here.

Materials List:

Buy 17 2x4s, 100 3″ wood screws, 50′ of chain or rope and 8 eye bolts and skip your workout and build this.

Shopping List:

17 – 2×4 studs (should be less than $2 each) 100 3″ wood screws 50′ of rope or chain with a load limit of at least 200 pounds (for an 800 pound capacity) 4 – Eyebolts (8 if you also need bolts for the ceiling mount too) Finishing Supplies as desired Drill with a countersink and drill bits to match the eye bolts and the screw heads

This DIY project is easy to do as it can be completed with a bunch of two by fours screwed together. You only need to be safety conscious when hanging or attaching it to your ceiling joists.

This DIY plan can be used to build beds for individuals of any age including infants and adults. The plan can be used to make beds that you can give as a gift.

The free DIY tutorial below includes directions for making the bed, as well as photos and diagrams of completed projects. The estimated time needed to complete this project is a couple of days, and it costs well under $500.

The loft bed is supported by chains on all four sides. All the tools and materials required to complete the endeavor are listed here so as to get you acquainted with what you need before starting.

Click here to read about how to build hanging loft bunk beds diy project:

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