DIY ProjectsBuild Homemade Backyard Bonfire Fire Pit DIY Project

Build Homemade Backyard Bonfire Fire Pit DIY Project

How to Build Homemade Backyard Bonfire Fire Pit DIY Project that will become the focal point of your outdoor living space.

Build Homemade Backyard Bonfire Fire Pit DIY Project

Having a fire pit is quite fun because that means there can be a home campfire. Have it as the heart of the backyard (if there’s no pool) and plan ahead.

Design what the pit will look like and get the tools needed: a shovel, a level, gravel, lava rocks, bricks, and construction glue. Take the shovel and dig up a hole about 2-3 inches deep. Fill the hole up with the grave, which prevents air bubbles from forming, and smooth it out.

Surround the hole with a pit by piling it with bricks three levels high. Stack them carefully and spread the glue on top and in between the bricks being layered. After constructing the wall, fill the pit with lava rocks, which are colored red, hence the name. Once a nice layer of lava rocks are filled in, wipe off the grit and excess pebbles, and prepare to light it up with wood.


After a period of time, the ash will have built up and the redness of the rocks will be gone. Simply take out the old lava rocks, wipe the ash, and pour in new lava rocks. Also, protect the rocks from water because it will affect the strength of the fire when lit up. Have a protective cover for it when it rains. Overall, it will be a great project to construct at home and have a good campfire with friends and family.

Once you have a general plan for your fire pit, you need to get everything ready to start building it.

For this project, you will need the following:



Pea Gravel

Lava Rocks

Bricks or Pavers

Construction Adhesive

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