Build a Homemade Pvc Pipe Backyard Cabana Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade Pvc pipe backyard cabana project is a way to extend your outdoor relaxing living space on a budget. If you have visited a spa or even a luxury hotel chances are you’ve sat inside or at the very least saw what a cabana looks like.
Build a Homemade Pvc Pipe Backyard Cabana Project

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They generally feature a light fabric roof and walls, that provide shielding from the hot sun and a certain level of secrecy. They can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the person. The typical fabric used in the ceiling and walls will normally depend on the environment in which they are found.

Materials for Frame needed:

Eight 10-foot 1 ½-inch schedule-40 PVC pipes
10 feet of 2-inch-diameter ABS pipe
Four 1 ½-inch schedule-40 L-shaped pipe fittings
Four 1 ½-inch T-shaped pipe fittings
Masking tape
Matte-silver spray paint
Twenty ¾-inch self-tapping metal screws

Materials for Curtains needed:

10 yards of 54-inch-wide outdoor fabric
36 feet of #2 double-loop chain (to weigh down fabric on windy days)
2 rolls of heavy-duty fusible sewing tape

Tools needed for project:

Post-hole digger
Tape measure
Pencil (for marking measurements)
2-foot level
Iron (for heating/pressing sewing tape)
Sewing machine (optional)
Electric drill with bits
Heavy-duty wire cutters
2 ladders (one for each builder)

This Do It Yourself project was created by a person who wanted to share their experience they went through to build a backyard cabana on a budget. The construction involved using all easily obtainable items and did not require a whole lot of DIY skills for them to complete it.

Benefits of reading and following the Step By Step: DIY Cabana Project

● Create an awesome luxury experience in your own backyard with the Cabana

● Includes a complete listing of all the materials, supplies and tools you will be needing

● Has an easy to follow 6 step instruction guide to ensure your result will perfect

● Each of the steps include at least one full color photo to depict the primary focus of the step

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