ChickensBuild Homesteading Chickens Emergency Medical Supply Kit

Build Homesteading Chickens Emergency Medical Supply Kit

How to build homesteading chickens emergency medical supply kit is detailed in what, and why items are used for. Having a chicken flock means learning basic veterinary techniques for chickens.

Build Homesteading Chickens-Emergency Medical Supply Kit

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All animals – including chickens – are not immune to illness. For those who raise certain animals, they should have a to-go kit if they are ill. Here, this is a list of supplies for chickens and hens. They can be bought or made at home.

Apple cider vinegar is a notable ingredient for chickens because it improves their immune system.
Cornstarch or blood stop powder can be used to clot the wounds, iodine and saline cleans and rinses the wounds, and blue kote is an anti-septic spray to color the wound so the chickens won’t pick at it.

Duramycin comes in a powder or liquid and is an antibiotic to use in water. To have clean water, oxine and pedialyte gives electrolytes and can kill any bacteria in it.

Wazine can treat any worms, Vet-Rx treats leg mites and eye infections, and Vitamin E with selenium can be used for dry neck.

first-aid manual for chickens – The Chicken Health Handbook BUY Here

sterile gauze pads of different sizes

adhesive tape

adhesive bandages in several sizes

elastic bandage



antiseptic wipes

dawn dish soap

antibiotic ointment

antiseptic solution (like hydrogen peroxide)

hydrocortisone cream (1%)


sharp scissors


flashlight and extra batteries

a blanket or towel

Basics and common instruments include Band-Aids, a scalpel, Q-Tips, tweezers, Vaseline, scissors, disposable gloves, gauze pads, syringes, and rubbing alcohol.

Natural ingredients should be utilized first before going to antibiotics. Go easy before going advanced with the treatment.

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