DIY ProjectsBuild Homesteading Drag Chain Harrow Pasture Manure Rake

Build Homesteading Drag Chain Harrow Pasture Manure Rake

How to Build Homesteading Drag Chain Harrow Pasture Manure Rake is super simple project that makes buying a speciality tool unnecessary and just use everyday items found around the homestead. Thinking outside of the box will help keep your wallet fat.

Build Homesteading Drag Chain Harrow Pasture Manure Rake

Good management of manure and fertilizer is important. Homesteaders do this by walking the fields while rolling a wheelbarrow and carrying a fork in the old days. The type of fertilizer is a key factor to beneficial gardens, but this old method was very laborious and slow method, which can be physically detrimental in the long run. But, there are not enough working hours and most small farms don’t have enough manpower, so people should look for alternative ways to manage manure in the pastures.

By breaking up fertilizer piles and scatter them across the field, it will dry up and break down quickly. A new invention is to get a tractor or lawn mower (without the cutting) and attach two pieces of chain-link fence gate behind it. Put cylinder blocks on them to keep the fence from flying in the air. Drive up and down each row in the field to scatter and break up the fertilizer throughout evenly. It is a manure rake homemade rather than spending about $200 for a naturally built one.

Use this method from spring through fall. Once it gets cold before winter when the grass, clovers, and flowers won’t grow for the rest of the year, go back to collection in a wheelbarrow and carrying it out to the manure pile. This is a lot easier and quicker to do in the winter because of the shorter grass, the hardened ground, and frozen fertilizer that is easy to collect. But, during the main seasons, get the chain and lawn mower and spread it out easily.


Chainlink Gate


Tow Strap

3 feet chain


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