DIY ProjectsBuild Homesteading Wood Rail Fence DIY Project

Build Homesteading Wood Rail Fence DIY Project

Build Homesteading Wood Rail Fence DIY Project

How to build a homesteading wood rail fence diy project is for the more motivated homesteaders who like save money, hard work and get their hands dirty. Learning how to install a split rail fence is a deeply traditional design which is an adaptation of the zigzag style of early American wood fences.

Build Homesteading Wood Rail Fence DIY Project

Such fences require much more timber than other types of fences, and so are generally only common in areas where wood is abundant. However, they are very simple in their construction, and can be assembled with few tools even on hard or rocky ground. They also can be built without using any nails or other hardware; such hardware was often scarce in frontier areas.

You might want to build a rail fence in order to make your homestead property lines defined. Read this article about how Charlie, the owner of a hideaway, built a rail fence and how you can too!

If you have a large pile of logs or rails, then this can be an opportunity to spend your summer cutting them. You can cut the logs lengthwise with the same sizes. The article shows you pictures of how the actual fence is built. Each log should be around 10 to 12 feet long. This article shows you how to be creative and frugal when your area is densely packed with trees – an abundant resource.

The steps are simple and easy. The first step is to peel off the bark off the logs. Put strings on your property in order to mark the area where your fence is going to be built. Parallel slanting lines can form as your base. The second row can simply rest on the top of the first logs. The angle should stay at 90 degrees to have a stable fence. Start the third row by piling logs on the second row. You can continue this until you get the desired height of the fence that you wanted to build.

The final step is to drive two stakes and tie the ends with a wire to make it stable. The article also shows how you can get creative about obstacles. You can arrange stones or blocks of woods in order to achieve a level fence.

Logs can be cut to a length of 10 to 12 feet and split down the length of the log. Each half was then split into quarters, then eighths and so on until the rails were of a usable size. A log may produce from four rails from an 8-inch (20 cm) log to over a dozen from larger logs.

Follow the steps now and get an enhanced look for your property.

Click here to read about how to Build Homesteading Wood Rail Fence DIY Project:

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