ChickensBuild Hybrid Henhouse Coop for Chickens DIY Project

Build Hybrid Henhouse Coop for Chickens DIY Project

How to Build Hybrid Henhouse Coop for Chickens DIY Project is amazingly detailed in this step by step tutorial. The best part of this coop is its source of power. The writer made it solar powered so that its source of electricity is independent. You can go through the article for full details on how you can build yours and most importantly, don’t forget to share it.

Build Hybrid Henhouse Coop for Chickens DIY Project

This is how to make a quick henhouse coop for your chickens. The author started with the floor frame on the axle. It is his design to build a henhouse that can be moved like a trailer. He intended to move it around with his lawn tractor. This will enable him push the house in or pull it out depending on the weather.

The floor of the frame is 12 feet long and 6 feet wide. It is not really compulsory to use the same dimension for yours. It depends on how many chickens you want to house and how spacious your compound is. He made the walls 44 inch tall. Yours can be shorter or even taller. However, he used that particular measurement so that he could use a full sheet of overly from the bottom all the way to the roof.

He made sure each wall is independent on one another and the corners are about 4 by 4. This is deliberate as it will create large openings for windows and doors. After mounting the windows, the exterior of the house was sheeted. He figured out it will be easier to clean out the coop through a wide entrance, so two doors were created even though the second one is opened only during cleaning out.

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