DIY ProjectsBuild Ice Cooler Wooden Bench DIY Project

Build Ice Cooler Wooden Bench DIY Project

How to build ice cooler wooden bench diy project that allows a cooler to be incorporated into a bench without having to take the cooler apart and construct it into the bench.

Build Ice Cooler Wooden Bench DIY Project

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If yes is your answer, then you should know that the cooler bench DIY walkthrough highlighted here makes for a sturdy, and large item. It is a novice-DIY-friendly project. With the DIY instructions here you will design a cooler bench that requires simple tools and takes a shorter amount of time to complete.

Another good thing about this plan, is that it be can modified to fit any cooler (either large or small according to cooler measurements). You can purchase a cooler from a large retailer for $15-$20 (with easy-access and can still be useful besides being inside the bench as it is vital that you are able to take out the cooler to clean it or move it somewhere else).



(2) 2″x4″ x 12′ Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine boards

(1) 5/4″x6 x 10′ Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine decking board

(5) 1″x6″ x 8′ Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine boards

(11) 1″x4″ x 8′ Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine boards

Two piano hinges

Ice Cooler

One Box Exterior Grade Deck Screws, #8 x 1 1/2″

Nails for nail gun or Finishing Nails

Wood Glue

150 grit sandpaper



Measuring Tape


Speed Square

Circular Saw

Table or Miter Saw (if available)

Electric Drill / Driver

Nail Gun or Hammer

Radial Sander / Sanding Block

Safety Glasses / Ear Protection

Dust Mask / Work Gloves

After completing the bench, you can choose to customize it according to your specifications either by painting or staining it. The bench should be able to last outside for a long time (pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine is recommended for use in its construction). If you intend to put this bench onto grass or dirt directly, make sure you use lumber that has being treated for Ground Contact to construct the cooler box and legs. Moving forward, read on and see the plans below.

Click here to read about how to build ice cooler wooden bench diy project:

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Melissa Francis
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