Garden BedsBuild Indoor Garden Tray to Regrow Vegetable Tops

Build Indoor Garden Tray to Regrow Vegetable Tops

This simple tutorial of how to build indoor garden tray to regrow vegetable tops is a fun yet educational way to teach each family member how to grow their food.Build Indoor Garden Tray to Regrow Vegetable Tops

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There are many variations on types and uses for a compost garden, but the list usually ends when the winter begins. There are also many people that live in the city or in an apartment or other place where they do not have the right access to the outside area that would love to take on the task, but have found themselves without the place to do so.

Vegetables that will regrow are: Leeks, Scallions, Spring Onions, Fennel, Celery, Bok Choy, Romaine Lettuce, Cabbage, Lemongrass, Ginger, Potatoes, Garlic, Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Mushrooms and Pineapple.

Indoor gardening can be very rewarding and many have started the task, but a compost garden may have seemed a little too much for them to start indoors. No longer will that be the case, as we are here to give you every single detail that you need to start that indoor compost garden.

We will cover the materials, the lighting, the vegetables scraps to regrow  and much more. With detailed instructions and pictures, you will be starting your own by the end of the day. That is another great benefit of any indoor gardening project, the fact that you do not have to restrict your gardening tasks to the daytime.

Any person, with any schedule can get started, including students and those who work all day. This is a great way for bored children and the family to spend some time having fun in a season that can make kids feel trapped inside.

These instructions will include everything you need for a few types of compost gardens and also suggestions that will no doubt lead to ideas of your own.

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Melissa Francis
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