DIY ProjectsBuild Kitchen Family Paper Message Board DIY Project

Build Kitchen Family Paper Message Board DIY Project

How to Build Kitchen Family Paper Message Board DIY Project is a great written communication center piece for a homesteading family.

Build Kitchen Family Paper Message Board DIY Project - the Homestead Survival

A kitchen Family Paper Message Board, for example, is a simple, yet indispensable, item that can have an expensive price tag. However, although it can be expensive, but great news is that it is quite easy to make.

First of all, you need a scrap plywood cut into a 120cm x 60cm size. Then, get another two strips of wood cut into 60cm x 5cm each – you can get it previously cut or do it yourself -, which will serve as a holder to keep the paper in place as it comes off the roll. For the bottom of the board, cut another piece of wood into 60cm x 7cm. It will serve as a place to put the chalk in. Sand all the pieces down and use a wood router to remove the edges.

Use a router with a groove bit on the piece of wood that will be placed on the bottom to create two channels for the chalk to prevent it from rolling off. Then, stain the wood and add 2 coats of clear polyurethane. Furthermore, add a curtain rod and rod hooks for the paper to sit on. Lastly, add the kraft paper roll according to the size of the board and pull it down to screw two support pieces of wood to the base, it will keep the paper in place as you write on it.

Whether or not it is caused by a rise in prices, there is an on-going trend of Do It Yourself (DIY), which allows a person to experience the joy of building something from the very beginning.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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